21 Aug 2019

The Light

Lost in darkness.
Familiar scenario, but pitch black to see.
Voices were floating around.
‘LiiZz… CoMmE hEeRrE…’
Confused. Stumbled. Isolated.
Her hands stretched, she was determined to see the light.
With careful steps, she followed one voice.
Few minutes after, she grabbed a hand.
Removing the cloth, triumphantly.
‘Heya… Johnny's out!’
Kids playing blindfold game!

3 Aug 2019

Seven Years of Blogging and My Success

The definition of success in blogging can be more subjective, as it is often a changing target.

Some days, success is simply writing and publishing a blog post, some days it is getting comments for our write-ups and likes to our photos. And some days, success is getting noticed by a reputed brand for collaboration. Some days, it is winning a blogging contest. Some days, it is to get featured on a bloggers' directory. Basically, success change as per our goals and it doesn't stop at one point. It means different thing to different bloggers. I have learned that well in my seven years of blogging journey.

To be honest, after a point of time I even lost track of the contests I participated or won and which brands I have collaborated with. I never got listed in a bloggers directory as well. In fact, on some days, I have felt that my success is just maintaining my blog, even with a minimum activity.

I don’t remember setting up a blogging goal on day one. But in a few months time, I ended up having one. After a few years, that too changed. Many times I have wondered whether I have accomplished any of my goals. Other times, I was aware the goal I set once are no longer relevant. Maybe because I have achieved them partially or I keep changing my blogging goals every now and then. With all of this and that, I ended up with a handful of experience, with little knowledge and exposure. As a matter of fact, I am going to call it my success.

Thank you for sticking around with me this long and making it a really delightful journey.

Borrowed this image from Google.

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble. You rock, even when you idle. :)

On my successful 7th year, I have an announcement to make. I recently stepped into a new venture. I have opened a small dress boutique in my town. Its been like a few months now and going on well since day 1, Alhamdulillah. I am trying to set up a separate website for my collection. If you want to know more about our boutique, let’s catch up through our social networking sites. You are connected with me there, right? Connect with me, if you are not.

While you read this post, plan to do some shopping with us. A beautiful collection awaits you, this season. :)

10 May 2019

Ramadan Kareem

Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured. [Al-Quran,  13:28]

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. It's time to reflect and increase our prayers, patience and good deeds. May the Almighty guide us in the righteous path and accept our duas, fasting and grant forgiveness in this holy month. Aameen.

Ramadan Kareem! 🌙

Lately, I'm doing some Arabic calligraphy and trying my hands on acrylic and watercolors. I feel much happy to share my painting with you all. Will share some more in future. May the Almighty bless us all!

23 Mar 2019

My World Is Small

It's been a while since I have written something solid. I live in my peaceful world with two amazing little children. I love them to the core of my life. Well, yesterday I was coming down with fever and I contemplated my past few years, before these little ones were born. My blog was my baby. It filled me wholly. It showed me a new dimension of life. Coming to think of it, how could I desert my blog, my savior. I even skipped celebrating my blog's birthday last year, because I was busy preparing for the first birthday of the two angels in our lives. Yeah, my blog and the babies birthdays fall on same week.

I started writing, when I thought I had no purpose. Like they say, poems born out of your problems. Don't bother.. Basically, I'm just rambling this early in the morning, to say, I didn't forget my blog completely. Unable to lie down. Unable to sit. My joint aches. My heart sinks. Profusely sweating. Is my pressure dropping low? Or is this a symptom of a heart illness? Too much of thinking. Sometimes such thoughts will eventually depress you. So I decide to go for a walk. It's 31° outside and I'm feeling cold, suddenly. I'm growing weak, I suppose. I am looking for my sweater, imagine, in this hot humid weather.. I'm sick, man!

I saw my half finished painting lying around. It's been over three weeks since I practiced with the paints. I develop a new hobby now and then and recently it's painting. I was happy and so excited when I started an abstract background on a bigger canvas. But then it didn't shape well as I expected. So I decided to make it whatever way it takes turns. Today, I find no creativity while looking at it. Sigh!

I thought my small porch garden will change my gloominess and makes me feel slightly better. With half the leaves turning yellow, and less blooms, well, actually no bloom at all today. I repotted couple of dying plants to see if they can come back alive. I watered the plants, hoping they will survive this summer. I still didn't feel any better. I came back in to see my birds flying out of the cage, chirping happily. My backyard is filled with their beautiful tunes, yet I couldn't enjoy. I just want to lie down a bit. But...

Our maid has arrived. House keeping work started. Have to do laundry. Omelette for breakfast. And my grandmother is calling me already. We have to take the children for vaccination today. And, I still have to plan for the rest of the day, with my mother. So much of planning is there and the difficult one is to decide what to cook for lunch and dinner. And everyday, it is a new quest.

As I dwell in my forlorn mood, my home.. my family is waiting for me. And I need some rest now to get on my feet. While I do that, I'm just musing, kinda!

You know, my world is very small.

14 Feb 2019

Will You Be My Valentine? : Calvin and Me - Part V

I was getting ready for my ritual late morning stroll down the street, where I get few glimpses of Nusie painting her canvas at her balcony. And yes, she’s an artist, well atleast to me, and nobody dare to have second thoughts on that.

Me: Thanks for ruining my moment of proposal with Nusie!
Calvin: Is that the burnt smell of sarcasm??
Me: No. *looking at him with genuine gratitude on my face*
Calvin: And for your information, kids don’t get sarcasm.
Me: No, it's not sarcasm. I don’t do sarcasm.
Calvin: Oh really! *the exclamation on his face turns to a question mark within a fraction of a second* Wait a minute, why would you thank me for ruining your moment. I’m pretty sure that proposing to Nusie about your love is a pretty important moment of your life. I don’t understand.
Me: You won’t get it, Calvin. Because you are a K-I-D.

You all must be surprised too, on why I’m being nice to Calvin especially after he ruined my first proposal to Nusie with his stupid April fool’s prank. Let me break it down for you...

Calvin: Hey *pulling the bottom of my tee*, there is nobody out there. Who are you talking to?
Me: Eh, Have you seen those TV commercials where the guy in the ad knocks on the TV screen and talks to you?
Calvin: Yes I have. I like commercials more than the TV programs these days.
Me: I was trying to be that guy.
Calvin: Ah I get it. But nobody's there to listen to you. Everyone is busy buying flowers, cards and chocolates for their valentine.
Me: I know, this whole Valentine’s Day is so overrated than the Love itself.
Calvin: For me the whole concept of Love itself seems to be overrated.
Me: That’s not so surprising.
Calvin: How can you fall for someone and still be happy? Doesn't the fall hurt?!
Me: No, it’s like gravity. Your love becomes the centre for everything where you are and where you ever will be.
Calvin: Oh my, the gravity of love must be pulling hard especially on crazy people, like you.
Me: It all makes sense when I’m C-R-A-Z-Y.

Calvin joins me on the stroll hoping to see some crazy valentines on the street. There she was sitting all messy with brushes, paints and her canvas. I’ve never seen what she paints because I always get to see the back of the canvas. Her face was my gravity for the moment.

Me: Calvin, you wanna see how the gravity of love works?
Calvin: I’m pretty sure you have made up your mind to show me a demo today. How can i refuse you now, go on.

I was holding Calvin by his shoulder and adjusting his position in such way that he can get a clear view of the action and reaction of my demo.

Me: Ummm… here is better.
Calvin: Seems like I’m your only audience. Let the show begin

Nusie had some sparkling dust in her hands and sprinkling over her painting. She stopped and glanced at me for a split second and blew the sparkling dust from her canvas. The drizzle of a gold dust on the foreground and Nusie on the background, I was falling again, literally.

Me: See Calvin, this is Love.
Calvin: You mean Gravity.

I was lying down on the sidewalk after the fall.

Susie: Hey Calvin! *she was right behind him*
Calvin: *Creeps and jumps on me* Never do that again, Susie.

Susie handed an envelope to Calvin with a smile and walked away gently, contradictory to her mannerism.

Calvin: It’s a valentine card.
Me: From Susie Derkins. What is written?

*Calvin opens the envelope and read*

Calvin: It says, “Will you be my Valentine?”
Me: You are Susies’ Valentine.
Calvin: I’m not her Valentine, just because she gave me this card. No way.
Calvin: I don’t have to kiss her, Do I?! Is that what valentines do? Oh Gross! *yells* This can’t be happening, I need a lawyer.

Hearing Calvin’s cry, Susie walks back to us.

Me: Here she comes again.
Calvin: Get away from me. I’m not your valentine. Take your card back, ewww! Girls!! Yecchh!!

Susie was having an evil grin, her usual attitude towards Calvin.

Susie: That card wasn’t for you, you moron. Didn’t you read the back of the envelope?
Calvin: The back?

Calvin turned the envelope to its back and read “Calvin, please give this to..”. He stopped reading and handed over the envelope to me. And there was my name written, sprinkled with sparkles.

To be continued..
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