14 Feb 2019

Will You Be My Valentine? : Calvin and Me - Part V

I was getting ready for my ritual late morning stroll down the street, where I get few glimpses of Nusie painting her canvas at her balcony. And yes, she’s an artist, well atleast to me, and nobody dare to have second thoughts on that.

Me: Thanks for ruining my moment of proposal with Nusie!
Calvin: Is that the burnt smell of sarcasm??
Me: No. *looking at him with genuine gratitude on my face*
Calvin: And for your information, kids don’t get sarcasm.
Me: No, it's not sarcasm. I don’t do sarcasm.
Calvin: Oh really! *the exclamation on his face turns to a question mark within a fraction of a second* Wait a minute, why would you thank me for ruining your moment. I’m pretty sure that proposing to Nusie about your love is a pretty important moment of your life. I don’t understand.
Me: You won’t get it, Calvin. Because you are a K-I-D.

You all must be surprised too, on why I’m being nice to Calvin especially after he ruined my first proposal to Nusie with his stupid April fool’s prank. Let me break it down for you...

Calvin: Hey *pulling the bottom of my tee*, there is nobody out there. Who are you talking to?
Me: Eh, Have you seen those TV commercials where the guy in the ad knocks on the TV screen and talks to you?
Calvin: Yes I have. I like commercials more than the TV programs these days.
Me: I was trying to be that guy.
Calvin: Ah I get it. But nobody's there to listen to you. Everyone is busy buying flowers, cards and chocolates for their valentine.
Me: I know, this whole Valentine’s Day is so overrated than the Love itself.
Calvin: For me the whole concept of Love itself seems to be overrated.
Me: That’s not so surprising.
Calvin: How can you fall for someone and still be happy? Doesn't the fall hurt?!
Me: No, it’s like gravity. Your love becomes the centre for everything where you are and where you ever will be.
Calvin: Oh my, the gravity of love must be pulling hard especially on crazy people, like you.
Me: It all makes sense when I’m C-R-A-Z-Y.

Calvin joins me on the stroll hoping to see some crazy valentines on the street. There she was sitting all messy with brushes, paints and her canvas. I’ve never seen what she paints because I always get to see the back of the canvas. Her face was my gravity for the moment.

Me: Calvin, you wanna see how the gravity of love works?
Calvin: I’m pretty sure you have made up your mind to show me a demo today. How can i refuse you now, go on.

I was holding Calvin by his shoulder and adjusting his position in such way that he can get a clear view of the action and reaction of my demo.

Me: Ummm… here is better.
Calvin: Seems like I’m your only audience. Let the show begin

Nusie had some sparkling dust in her hands and sprinkling over her painting. She stopped and glanced at me for a split second and blew the sparkling dust from her canvas. The drizzle of a gold dust on the foreground and Nusie on the background, I was falling again, literally.

Me: See Calvin, this is Love.
Calvin: You mean Gravity.

I was lying down on the sidewalk after the fall.

Susie: Hey Calvin! *she was right behind him*
Calvin: *Creeps and jumps on me* Never do that again, Susie.

Susie handed an envelope to Calvin with a smile and walked away gently, contradictory to her mannerism.

Calvin: It’s a valentine card.
Me: From Susie Derkins. What is written?

*Calvin opens the envelope and read*

Calvin: It says, “Will you be my Valentine?”
Me: You are Susies’ Valentine.
Calvin: I’m not her Valentine, just because she gave me this card. No way.
Calvin: I don’t have to kiss her, Do I?! Is that what valentines do? Oh Gross! *yells* This can’t be happening, I need a lawyer.

Hearing Calvin’s cry, Susie walks back to us.

Me: Here she comes again.
Calvin: Get away from me. I’m not your valentine. Take your card back, ewww! Girls!! Yecchh!!

Susie was having an evil grin, her usual attitude towards Calvin.

Susie: That card wasn’t for you, you moron. Didn’t you read the back of the envelope?
Calvin: The back?

Calvin turned the envelope to its back and read “Calvin, please give this to..”. He stopped reading and handed over the envelope to me. And there was my name written, sprinkled with sparkles.

To be continued..

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