27 Nov 2020

Kimsukadi Tail - A Glow Boosting Facial Oil from Just Herbs

Some of us are blessed with beautiful skin, while many are not. And whatever your skin type is, you all follow a beauty regime.

You cleanse your face day and night, drink 8 glasses of water everyday and eat a healthy diet, yet your pores look clogged and big, blackheads on your nose, your skin looks dry and tired, and then those acne breakouts now and then. Well, clearing these blemishes seems a disheartening task for most women.

While we strive to have a clear complexion, introducing natural skincare products into our routine can actually offer long lasting benefits and better results for our health and beauty.

Nowadays, beauty products all around the world are slowly migrating towards organic, which is a good sign. But, there are many products claiming to be organic and it gets difficult to pick the real ones from the fake lot.

Earlier this year, I decided to go organic with my beauty products. I stopped using the body creams and moisturizer that I had been using for the past few years. At first, I started with the Coconut oil from my kitchen. And then the lockdown came, yet my beauty regime didn't alter. Infact, going organic was more helpful and comfortable than any other days.

Since then I have been looking for an oil based organic product which will lift up my facial glow. That's when I heard about Just Herbs. And the name says it all!

After surfing their website and reading the detailed description about their products, I am satisfied, and zeroed in on trying their glow boosting facial oil, Kimsukadi Tail.

How about an ayurvedic facial oil that works on your skin while you sleep? You apply a few drops at bed time and you wake up the next morning with skin that feels brighter, tighter and radiant!

I loved the way the Kimsukadi Tail completely absorbed into the skin, not leaving any greasy look on my face. Everytime I apply, I feel fresh and my skin glowing. This is definitely much better than any chemical based moisturizer or creams available in the market.

At first, I felt that the price was on the expensive side, for a smaller quantity. But then don't hesitate, the oil will last easily over three months, as just 2-3 drops are enough for your face.

And when I applied for the first time, I was not impressed with its aroma. It smelled like a medicinal oil. As I continued using it everyday, I must say I started liking it eventually. Infact, I feel comfortable and more confident about my skin nowadays.

With its herbal ingredients, the brand gives their word on the oil that, it fades pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. It is almost 3 weeks since I started using it and as of now, I am very happy with my glowing skin.

For best results, use it with Skin Brightening Gel. Kimsukadi Tail definitely leaves your skin soft, fresh and radiant.

Also, don't miss to check out, Just Herbs' Valentine's Store - Organic Beauty Products Collection for their Valentine's store. 

There's a section for Trial Kits, in which the kits are available at a very nominal price. We have an opportunity to trial buy their products as samples and then decide on what suits best to us. I think this is much comfortable way to choose the right product for our skin type. These trial kits also serve as a good pampering gift hampers.

Thank you Just Herbs for the Kimsukadi Tail, a glow boosting oil. And yes, the name says it all!

30 Oct 2020

Miraj Stories - App Review

Online education has become a mandate of the hour and there is a lot of distortion on the internet that, keeping your children safe from becoming victims of AI algorithms is becoming a nightmare. While there are a lot of options available for worldly education, the internet falls short of valid materials for the knowledge of Deen. Miraj Stories app serves as a lifesaver in such circumstances.

First, the ensemble of categories are rich. Especially the 'Learn to be a Muslim'. From picture books to audiobooks, games and videos, I love the way their illustrations balance between fun and learning.

There are some interactive games, activities and stories as well, with real characters from history, like Al Qaswa, Spider in the Cave, Sad Camel and The Thirsty Dog. These help the young ones to learn the values nourished with Islamic history.

Not to forget about the fun activities like Dressing up for Eid, Exercise with Mr. Rat and Karate with Goatie. Miraj Stories is a simple app, with valuable content.

The best thing about Miraj stories is that children do not need adult supervision while they have it open in any of their gadgets. Because every click will lead them to more values and goodness of Islam and not astray. Alhamdulillah, it is a form of guidance that we are much needed nowadays.

My personal favourite is the 'Learn Arabic' which introduces Arabic alphabets and numbers in an exciting fashion. When I was exploring it with my 3+ year old niece and nephew, they really enjoyed it as much as they learnt from it. While our children learn Arabic in a conventional way, this gives them a fun way to revisit their learning.

As the kids were learning Asma ul Husna, 'Names of Allah' section was quite helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Alhamdulillah!

Prophet Stories was loved by my 6 year old niece. And, the stories of Nasruddin and Salah ad-Din are a delight for young adults as well.

Overall, Miraj Stories is a complete package for Muslim parents to engage their children digitally. I would recommend you to try this app and build a routine of learning and fun in their household with all the barakat of Allah.

Inshaallah, subscribe to Miraj Stories and it'll be a perfect gift for your children, this Milad un Nabi!

Available on both Android and iOS.

Eid Milad un Nabi!

14 Sept 2020

Oye Happy : For Gifts And Memories

Everything we need is made available via internet apps, nowadays. Be it dresses, accessories and even groceries. But when it comes to buying gifts online, the choices are often limited. Gifting options, for family, friends or just about anyone, needs to be unique.

The one thing that this lockdown couldn’t lock is the compassion that we share for our family and friends. And, when it comes to expressing our love through gifting, we strive to make that moment a memorable one.

So when I was offered by OyeHappy.com, a trending online gifting company, to send gifts for someone I love, it immediately lit up my mood. That's because, you know, there aren't many innovative gifting sites available in India.


As I surfed through their site, my first impression was that the site is designed to make our gifting experience as interesting as possible. Creative options and quirky formats play a very important role in captivating the customer’s attention. A wide range, from physical gifts to e-gifts, from occasions to relationships, from next day delivery to scheduled delivery - you name it and you have it all at Oye Happy.

Oye Happy offers a mix of unique gifts and unforgettable experiences. From Naming A Star after your loved one to a message inside the dessert jars, to pull your best friend's legs with pranks, they put a lot of effort in making our occasions memorable. 

Their range of customisable favours include fun greeting cards, lovely gift hampers, romantic dinner date, handmade art in a bottle etc. There are some amazing tour gifts for those who love to travel, such as chartered flight ride or a visit to Taj.

Well, if I need to point out something as a room for improvement, then, I would be more happy to see them add a separate section for children with some exciting gift choices.

Every gift at Oye Happy is special in its own way, and the price ranges are budget friendly.

But do we really need an occasion to gift someone we love? And, that's when the collection under 'Just Like That' comes handy. I wanted to buy something special for my little niece and nephew. Just like that, the Up With You fridge magnet photo frame caught my fancy. I decided that it will be a perfect gift for the twins, as they are already making their daily lives an adventure, tagging me along. Oye Happy also offers to print photos along with the photo frame, as a complement.

My order got delivered in less than a week's time. Unwrapping the gift, the children were super excited to see their photos in it. And, my happiness lies in theirs.

Thank you Oye Happy for giving us this blissful experience and I would recommend all of you to checkout their website to experience the same. Oye Happy products are available in Amazon India as well.

Oye Happy Products I Received - Up With You Magnet & Happiness Coasters.

Let our unforgettable occasions begin with unique gifts from Oye Happy!

PS - This is a sponsored post. However, the views are personal.

3 Aug 2020

Turning Eight and Happy

Even though I'm on a blogging sabbatical, it still feels great to celebrate the 8th birthday of A Rat's Nibble. Thank you all for sticking around with me.

And yea, I tried some lettering style.. that's my new lockdown hobby. Hoping to share some of it in coming days, Inshaallah.

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble. 🧀🐀🧀 

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