3 Aug 2020

Turning Eight and Happy

Even though I'm on a blogging sabbatical, it still feels great to celebrate the 8th birthday of A Rat's Nibble. Thank you all for sticking around with me.

And yea, I tried some lettering style.. that's my new lockdown hobby. Hoping to share some of it in coming days, Inshaallah.

Happy Birthday, A Rat's Nibble. 🧀🐀🧀 

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  1. Many many Congratulations. Best wishes.
    Stay well.

  2. Hello Rat. Great to see you again. Your words are so cutely written like a child , even one small paragraph is fun to read. :p

    1. Hehe. I'm glad that you still see that childishness in my one para write-up. 😂😂 Happy to see you around, my fellow Ratz.

  3. Good afternoon, how are you? I am Brazilian and I am looking for new followers for my blog. New friends are also welcome.



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