30 Oct 2020

Miraj Stories - App Review

Online education has become a mandate of the hour and there is a lot of distortion on the internet that, keeping your children safe from becoming victims of AI algorithms is becoming a nightmare. While there are a lot of options available for worldly education, the internet falls short of valid materials for the knowledge of Deen. Miraj Stories app serves as a lifesaver in such circumstances.

First, the ensemble of categories are rich. Especially the 'Learn to be a Muslim'. From picture books to audiobooks, games and videos, I love the way their illustrations balance between fun and learning.

There are some interactive games, activities and stories as well, with real characters from history, like Al Qaswa, Spider in the Cave, Sad Camel and The Thirsty Dog. These help the young ones to learn the values nourished with Islamic history.

Not to forget about the fun activities like Dressing up for Eid, Exercise with Mr. Rat and Karate with Goatie. Miraj Stories is a simple app, with valuable content.

The best thing about Miraj stories is that children do not need adult supervision while they have it open in any of their gadgets. Because every click will lead them to more values and goodness of Islam and not astray. Alhamdulillah, it is a form of guidance that we are much needed nowadays.

My personal favourite is the 'Learn Arabic' which introduces Arabic alphabets and numbers in an exciting fashion. When I was exploring it with my 3+ year old niece and nephew, they really enjoyed it as much as they learnt from it. While our children learn Arabic in a conventional way, this gives them a fun way to revisit their learning.

As the kids were learning Asma ul Husna, 'Names of Allah' section was quite helpful and we thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. Alhamdulillah!

Prophet Stories was loved by my 6 year old niece. And, the stories of Nasruddin and Salah ad-Din are a delight for young adults as well.

Overall, Miraj Stories is a complete package for Muslim parents to engage their children digitally. I would recommend you to try this app and build a routine of learning and fun in their household with all the barakat of Allah.

Inshaallah, subscribe to Miraj Stories and it'll be a perfect gift for your children, this Milad un Nabi!

Available on both Android and iOS.

Eid Milad un Nabi!

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