1 Feb 2021

Buy Indian Handicrafts At ExclusiveLane.Com

Often my Mother sets up a different look for our home. She does so simply by adding some colors or a new component to our home decor. Be it a change of wall art in the living room, or the table decor at the dining, well, that minimal change goes a long way. Not only my Mother, but I believe everyone desires for a vibrant home.

This new year, when my Mother was up to give a change in look for our home, I came across ExclusiveLane, an exclusive online destination for handpicked handicraft products.

The word handicraft resonates a lot with our culture-rich country. Here in India, we have diverse traditional arts and crafts, and many artisans who are preserving ancient arts and crafts, but are not getting recognised. ExclusiveLane aims at bringing out these hidden gems to the urban world and help the artisans to preserve the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India. Their efforts uplifts the social status of these small and skilled artisans.

ExclusiveLane has a wide variety of collections that adds colors to your homes. Don't miss to surf through their products on Dining, Decor, Lighting, Garden, Jewelry and Art. They also have a category of theme based collections, that brings a set of products under one theme and makes it easier for us to choose from. One such theme that caught my attention was Moroccan Blossoms. This collection is inspired by the flowers of Blue city of Morocco, which is quite interesting.

All their collections are unique, tasteful and at an affordable price range.

My favourite category for this season of decor change was Lighting. The collections under Lightings at ExclusiveLane takes you to a beautiful array of table lamps, wall lamps and tea lights.

One of the elements that we often overlook in our home interiors are table lamps. Some go trendy interiors, some prefer ethnic, however, home furnishings can be easily enhanced by adding one nice table lamp that complements your room.

These decorative pieces are the ornaments of your home in true sense as they bring class to the overall look. ExclusiveLane features some beautiful hand painted wooden and terracotta table lamps in lovely colors and designs.

My Mother was looking for an ethnic table lamp for her bedside, but she was not able to zero in on any one piece among the retail shops or other online stores, she browsed.

I bought this Glowing Reds Floral Hand-painted Table Lamp for my Mother as a surprise gift. The moment I saw it, I knew she'd like it. And now, this beautiful terracotta lamp shade effortlessly adds that aesthetic feel to her room.

Hand painted with intricate florals, its base is accentuated with vibrant Indian colours and motifs. The soft light diffusing through the red lampshade gives the peaceful and coziness to the room.

Glowing Reds table lamp is a simple, compact and a complimenting choice for our bed side table. And my Mother simply loved it! Not only her but the Kids at home, also enjoy sitting near the table and sink in the coziness of it’s dim light.

Do visit ExclusiveLane and you will definitely find something unique and tasteful for your own personal space or to gift someone you love. It lives up to its promise of delivering diverse and authentic handicraft products to urban consumers, from artisans across India at an affordable price.

Also check out ExclusiveLane.com Valentine's Day Store - Gifts For Her.

Exclusive lane products are available at Amazon India as well.

Happy Revamping Your House Decor With ExclusiveLane!


  1. I love that gorgeous authentic lamp! Thank you!

  2. This is truly beautiful - and since I cannot travel to bring home souvenirs, the next best thing ;-)

  3. Love the art details and the lighting is just right to give a relaxing and homey feel. Thanks for the idea! Knycx Journeying

  4. Definitely need to check out Exclusive Lane, that lamp is really gorgeous.

  5. The lamp looks awesome. I'll check it out....

  6. I love the lamp. I have never heard of Exclusive Lane, so will check it out for sure!

  7. the glowing red lamp does add a sense of immense coziness , i would have loved to spend some time out there. Will look up this store for some online products

  8. I love cultural pieces and how much value they hold. Especially really old pieces at that. This lamp is truly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Indian crafts are very beautiful and unique. this marketplace looks wonderful for that. super nice!

  10. aaahhh this is nice! my wife loves red and I think we have this, quiet a bigger one though. Thanks for sharing, more to come!

  11. These looks so beautiful. I love handcraft, I might have to buy a few for myself.

  12. Great that you found an online website that can help. Look amazing!

  13. I love the style and design of this lamp. I also love the shade of red that it brings. I love Indian crafts!

  14. hmm...very nice, just a design that I always wish to own for my writing desk. l like it. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. The lamp is gorgeous. I would love one for my desk.

  16. Im not a fan of red but this lamp is really pleasing and would love to have one

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