10 Jun 2021

Coffee for Beauty : MCaffeine

I'm a tea person but recently, coffee caught my attention. There are people who can't start their day without a cup of coffee. But anyone, coffee for beauty?

I know that coffee helps to heal wounds and inflammation. But never ever has it occurred to me that coffee has that effect to strengthen, exfoliate and revitalize our hair and skin. Interesting, isn't it?

When I first learnt about a range of personal care products with base ingredients as Coffee, it stirred my curiosity.

MCaffeine - India’s first Caffeinated Personal Care brand.

MCaffeine has a wide range of Skincare and Hair care products that are carefully curated to our needs. Since I have been going organic with my skincare regime, I thought it was a good time to try coffee based personal care products.

On a first impression, the ingredients they use are all natural components. Then, the price was reasonable to me. And they also send complimentary products on every order to try out their sample products.

I was looking for natural products to add to my skin care routine - to exfoliate, to moisturize, to polish, and to nourish my skin during this summer.

I received my order in less than a week. During these restricted lockdown days, I appreciate their prompt delivery service.

In any personal care product, the first thing we try is the smell. Because, if the smell puts you off, you might not even want to try that product. So first things first, Aroma is the best. The moment I squeezed out some lotion.. the moment I mix water with the body scrub.. the moment I took the bathing bar out.. the whole room was filled with coffee aroma, like as if you were teleported to a coffee shop.

Now, I have been trying these products for a little more than a week. I can't hype much about the impact it made, but then every time I use it, my skin feels rejuvenated, and my mood lifts up with it's enticing coffee aroma.

Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut is gentle on your skin. It retains the moisture to keep our skin hydrated and nourished.

This coffee-infused Naked and Raw Coffee Body Polishing Oil has an aroma of freshly grounded Arabica coffee to perk-up your senses. And when applied, my skin gets a healthy polished glow. And, no more dry skin with Naked and Rich Choco Body Lotion. It has all the skin nurturing ingredients to make our skin feel soft and supple.

India’s First Coffee Bean Shaped Bathing Bar for you! There are three flavours of bathing bars and I picked the Latte Coffee Bathing Bar. It's amazing!

Not only these, there is a separate section for Coffee Gift Sets. The products are vegan and gender neutral. The packing look just lovely and can be gifted to our loved ones on any occasion. A mood lifting premium gifting option - sure to make your gifting experience worthwhile.

And, not to mention that my little niece and nephew love the coffee scent on me. Even they want to apply some moisturizer on their hands and legs and sink into the heavenly aroma. Because - for them, it smells like yummy toffee!

So, are you a coffee lover and also like to care for your skin?  Then MCaffeine products are for you. Well, even if you're not a coffee person, it's okay.. still this is one brand you must give it a try. Definitely, you'll feel happy about it.

So, anyone.... Coffee for Beauty? Visit - MCaffeine


  1. I love coffee and I've seen caffeine-based skincare and haircare products. I haven't tried any but I'm curios about the shampoo I've seen.

  2. Looks great. Thanks for the details post.

  3. There are so many uses of coffee. Thanks for sharing that coffee is not for morning hot drink only but it could be use in so may wayas.

  4. I am a coffee lover and have been so glad to use these products, I love the face wash in particular, although the body lotion is great too.

  5. I am not a coffee drinker but I love the smell. I used to make pots of coffee to smell it. This looks like a great line -- I will have to check this out@

  6. Super interesting! I would love to try and see how this works.

  7. I have heard that coffee does wonders for your skin. McCaffeine sounds like awesome brand for coffee skin care!

  8. Coffee is everything for me. Cant survive the day without it

  9. Amazing Product, thanks for sharing in detail.

  10. Hahah coffee is my day, if I don't drink at least one cup a day, I feel missing something. This is cool though! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Nice post, Thanks for sharing.


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