5 Jun 2021

'Mommy, Who is Allah?' ~ Children's Book Review

Author - Zainab Jones

Illustrator - Vicky Amrullah

Publishers - Djarabi Kitab Publishing

The book is titled with one of the first few questions asked by every Muslim child to their parents. A significant question indeed, and that needs an affirming answer. And every parent tries to give their version of the answer to tell their kids who the Almighty is.

Zainab Jones has attempted to answer her son Abdulrahman Al-Husain about Allah. She calls her son, Dahumie and sings to him. It is very cute.

The question Dahumie asked about Allah was not just a question out of curiosity but a question based on what he has been seeing his mother do - Remembering Allah regularly. He is more interested in knowing about the regular habit his mother is involved in. This clearly shows us the significance of the fact that kids ask questions from what they see often and hence insists on the fact that parents have to be mindful about their activities.

Now the way she answers, starting from the Creation and calling Allah, Al-Khaliq means The Creator in Arabic, is a good way to introduce our Almighty to the little ones.

Creation is something that excites every kid as they are curious about the source of everything they see. Starting from the Sun, she transcends the power of The Almighty to every creation by affirming - “He created everything”.

Vicky Amrullah's illustrations are simple and precise, revolving around two characters in their home. 

This is the author's first children’s story book and she has done a decent job. This can be a good bedtime story for your children and you can also narrate your version of the answer to your child along with this book.

The book is available in both physical and digital versions.

Buy this Islamic Children's Book at Amazon India here.


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