I enjoy reading and I love to discuss the books I read. This page is my space to talk about it. I have read many reviews in which the reviewer talks about almost the entire book, like  a synopsis of the whole story. I don’t appreciate such reviews. A review should be an analysis but not a summary. If the reviews disclose the suspense or the climax, then what’s the thrill in reading the book? For me a review, positive or otherwise, it should stir the reader’s curiosity and make them decide on their own whether to read or skip. In my book review, I tell the story in one line or two, talk about my favorite characters and say what I liked and what disappointed me. Which makes it obvious, that I don’t like to give away the suspense. So this is how I share my views on the books I read.

If you're approaching me for your book review, kindly do read my Book Review Policy before reaching out.

  • I enjoy reading thrillers, but I'm open to other genres. However, I cannot promise to agree every review request I receive.
  • I love reading Children's books, as they are very exciting and appealing with rhymes, stories and illustrations. And basically children's books are suitable to all ages.
  • I prefer paperbacks for reading, but I'll be happy to receive the Kindle/PDF format as well.
  • While sending me the request for a review, make sure to attach the cover page and a blurb. A sample chapter, preferably the first one, is appreciable.
  • If I find the book or the plot is something that I can not do justice with the review, I'll likely to say No.
  • Do not send me any books before I agree for the review. If you mail without informing me, I can’t assure the review.
  • I usually take a week or two to read & review the book. But for other reasons if I take longer, you will be informed.
  • I don't assure a good rating or review. My review will voice my opinion and what I feel after reading, both the positive and otherwise.
  • Besides the blog, I’ll also share the review in my blog’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Google+.
  • I’ll also post review with the rating in the book's page on, Flipkart and Goodreads.
  • I'm happy to host giveaways but I prefer not to ship giveaway books. The publisher/author should take the ownership.
  • I appreciate if you share my review (tagging me, of course) in your social network.

Mail me at with the details of your book and I will get back to you if the book piques my interest.

Read my books reviews HERE.

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