A Handpicked Selection of Ethnic Wears

Nusrat’s, multi designer collection, features the best craftsmanship and designs across India. Our handpicked collection is an array of beautiful dresses for every occasion. We, as a seasonal store, bring you the best outfits for every season. 

We curate our products tastefully from different designers across India, making it easy for you to shop. We also strive to deliver you with great care and quality. We personally make sure that you have a delightful shopping experience.

Nusrat’s is a seasonal store that pops up every season. We take time to curate because we want to bring you the best styles every time. Our designer collection is a small but selective choices of ethnic wears, that suits your needs and your budget. From dreamy pastel hues to bright golden shades, we have a variety.

Be it a festival or a wedding or a get together, you’ll find something here for your needs. We sell both online and store front. Our website is work in progress, so for now, text me to get a sneak peek of what we sell. Browse through our collection online and get in touch with us for further assistance.

The products in our store are exclusive and so the quantities are often limited. We would suggest you to shop what you love before it goes off the rack.

Get ready to flaunt your new dresses from Nusrat’s.

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a sneak peek of our collection

we are looking forward to assist you.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Good initiative, all the best. We can also look at some collaboration with my wife who sells customized fashion jewellery to match a dress. Here is her website -

    1. Sure Rajesh. Good to know about your products. Will let you know if any of my customers are interested in silk thread jewellery. Let's catch up via Facebook.

  2. Congratulations on opening your store Meera! I am heading to Facebook to check out your fabulous collection. :)

    1. Thanks Khushboo. Let me know what you think of our handpicked collection. :)


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